About Caprock Canyon Travel Guide

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Toy Cogdell - Owner 

How this all got started?

In 2016 a friend of ours decided to open an art gallery in Silverton, TX. She asked our oldest son, who had been training to be a barista at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, if he would be interested in opening an espresso bar inside her gallery. He excitedly said Yes. After seeing first hand the struggles that businesses in small towns go thru, I started thinking of how we needed a way for people passing thru to find and stop in and visit our shop. I toyed with creating a website for a year or more but knew that was way out of my ability. When we finally had to cut back from being open 7 days to 4 days I felt like God was telling me that it was time to try reaching out to the internet to tell people about our diamond in the rough in the Texas Panhandle.

Where We Want to Go?

My initial plan was to create a website that showed all of the little businesses around Silverton, Quitaque, and Turkey. I talked to my web creator and explained my plan to him and he showed me the best route to reach the largest audience, and it was by creating the Caprock Canyon Travel Guide.  

Here We Go...

So, now my oldest son, Rowdy, and I are off on our new adventure. We want to tell everyone about the indescribable beauty, the unique adventure and the down home friendliness of the people and businesses in this area we call Home. We hope you enjoy this website and find special places and adventures that make your visit to the Caprock Canyon area extra special.