Best Times To Visit Caprock  Canyon

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Best Times To Visit Caprock Canyon

By: Le'Ann Pigg
The best times to visit the Caprock Canyon park are the Spring and Fall. Temperatures are excellent this time and the park is alive with Spring and Fall colors. In the Spring there is quite a bit of wildflowers and green grass and even in the Fall there is some fall wildflowers as well as the cottonwood and western soap-berry leaves turning yellow and orange. Also in the Fall is when the Maximilian sunflower is in bloom. Summer is steady for the park, but a lot of folks find it simply too hot. Winter can be harsh in low temperatures and blowing cold wind so we are pretty slow during that time. Although, if it does snow it sure makes for a beautiful winter landscape. Any time of year can be a great time of year, but it really depends on weather conditions, so check those before you come.