Turkey, TX

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Turkey, TX - “Aaaaaa Haaaaa”. The home of Bob Wills, the King of Western Swing. Who and what is that you might say. Well, head on down to the Bob Wills

Museum and find out all about the man that still brings 100’s of people to Turkey, TX during the last Saturday of April to enjoy several days of western

swing music, food, fiddle contests, a parade and just good ole small town celebrating. If that doesn’t suit your liking, then there are other great reasons to

visit Turkey.

Turkey was originally called Turkey Roost for all the wild turkey roosts found nearby Turkey Creek. In 1893 the name was changed to just Turkey, TX. Turkey

is located where State Highway 86 and 70 intersect. Farming and cattle ranching are the two main industries in this area. Turkey and its nearby neighbor,

Quitaque, share a school called Valley ISD. 10 miles separate these two little towns and Valley School is located smack in the middle of the two. This

arrangement has helped to bond the two towns and create successful Valley Patriot 6-Man football, basketball and other sports and activities programs.

Just 15 miles down the road lies Caprock Canyon State Park. This park is home to over 200 bison that originated from the herd that Charles Goodnight

raised. This park has over 15,000 acres making it the 3rd largest state park in Texas. It is a great place to hike, camp, ride bikes or horses, or just soak in

God’s awesome work.

Turkey is a small town and a great place to just slow down and enjoy life. There are several local businesses that would love to serve you, so please check

them out and let them know that you found them on Caprock Canyon Travel Guide.

And remember, as Bob Wills would sing, “Stay all night, stay a little longer. Dance all night, dance a little longer. Pull off your coat throw it in the corner,

Don’t see why you can’t stay a little longer.”

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